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1 Hour MOT - Full Game Assessment - (1st session only)


1 x 1 Hour MOT including full swing assessment With Craig Skudder

Vouchers will be emailed once payment is received

Once voucher is received, phone 07737361774 or email craig.skudder@teetogreencoaching.com 0;to book

This MOT is used to fully assess every part of your golf game, from putting right through to driving. Including a full assessment of your golf swing. We take down details of everything - which goes onto your profile, and produce a detailed plan of action going forward - a great way to start and prepare for a series of lessons! 

The MOT is a great way to find out how many shots I can save you, and see just how much I can help your game. It tells me everything about your golfing history, your goals, limitations, when/where you practice, time available to spend on your golf etc. All this information helps me to formulate a thorough action plan for you going forward. Mot can take between 40 minutes and an hour, depending on how much there is to assess

Range balls not included

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