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The ultimate golf lesson experience

About Me

I am a PGA teaching professional, and Director of golf coaching at Trent Park. I specialise purely in golf coaching, the technicalities of the golf swing and teaching them to others in an understandable way is where I do best.

I spent nearly 10 years at a club called Top Meadow, where I did my PGA training and worked with other golf coaches before moving to Whitehill golf club, where I spent nearly 6 happy years. At Whitehill I had my swing studio/teaching bay which was well equipped and was a great place to coach golfers of all abilities and do lots and lots of research, which has held me in good stead and led to my current role. I am now based at Trent Park in Enfield as Director of golf coaching of Tee to Green Trent Park. Trent Park is a vibrant, busy golf complex positioned  just outside of Oakwood tube station near Enfield and near to the M25. Since moving to Trent Park I have adapted my coaching to utilise the latest golf coaching technology to really help my customers get the most out of a golf lesson and make practice in-between lessons more productive.


I am well versed in various swing techniques, but wouldn't like to say I coach under any one particular style, far from it. I have learnt many different theories and techniques. It is more about finding match-ups and making sure the swing is functional. Or we can stick to the manual with the aim of building a text-book, great looking swing. It's your call, I am here to be everyone's favourite coach. You can also decide whether you would like to target the most relevant areas in a one off lesson or go through the changes in the best possible order over a course of lessons.


It is quite important to be able to screen for a lack of flexibility or injury and how this can affect the golf swing principles, which then affects the impact factors, which then affects on the ball flight and whether it is due to a physical limitation or a learnt or natural movement.


Add to this the little gems of information I picked up through my own coaching experiences as well as from other golf coaches. I feel I am well positioned to guide any level of golfer towards improving.

To find out how many shots I can save you, and just how much I can help your game, book an MOT with me. Its a great way to fully assess where you currently are with your game. It also tells me everything about your golfing history, your goals, limitations, when/where you practice, time available to spend on your golf etc. All this information helps me to formulate a thorough action plan for you going forward.


To get the ultimate golf lesson experience book a lesson or MOT via the online shop page. You can now also book direct via the "Lesson Bookings" page.

So, if you are feeling frustrated with your golf game and are not reaching your potential - come and see me for a full assessment to lay a path that leads to unlocking your potential and enjoying playing golf again!